Songs for the Elephant Man

Call for Submissions

Print and e-book anthology

A collection of stories about outsiders, about anyone who might be considered, now or in the past, as outside the mainstream, for whatever reason.

Who are the real monsters?

Joseph Merrick, the Elephant Man, was born in Leicester and in early life was exhibited as a freak. His severe physical condition meant that he was unable to live a normal life in Victorian England, though he was a sensitive and educated man. In stories and films, from Frankenstein to Tod Browning’s Freaks, those labelled monstrous are often more sympathetic than the so called ‘normal’ people around them. We identify with the outsider, because who hasn’t felt like one themselves at some point in their life?

Songs for the Elephant Man will celebrate outsiders in all their guises.

We are happy to look at stories from any genre, but prefer those with at least a hint of the weird. Out and out horror or supernatural stories are fine, but also those that are just off-kilter or strange.

In this round we are seeking submissions both from writers living, working or trained in the UK Midlands, and writers from further afield.

To Submit: Go to our submissions portal here:

You will need to create a free account in order to use the portal. Please submit your story as an attachment. Word .doc, docx or .rtf files only. In the event of problems with the portal you can email us directly on

Length: 1000-7,000 words.

Payment: 1p per word up to maximum of £50 per story.

Multiple Submissions: up to two submissions per writer. (But one submission that’s really strong and meets the criteria will always be preferable.)

Reprints: We are happy to consider work that has been published elsewhere.

Closing Date: March 18th 2019