Wirksworth Arts Festival 2010

Wirksworth Arts Festival 2010 28th April 2010

Mantle has been appointed as the Wirksworth Festival Community
Event Facilitator, for the September 2010 festival. We will be producing a spectacular event, involving as many local people as possible.

The project will involve five different workshop programmes, working with local groups and individuals, all of which will all result in processions of different kinds.

On Sunday September 26th, the five processions will start from the outskirts of the town and meet in the centre, where we will have a dramatic celebration, involving fire, music and dance.

Heart of the Forest Festival Parade

Heart of the Forest Festival

Heart of the Forest Festival 24th August 2009

Every year, for the last three years, thousands of people have visited the Heart of the Forest Festival in Measham. Mantle Arts have been involved since the very first festival and have been delighted with the response from the local community. The event is run by The Heart of The Forest Festival Committee, alongside a range of local partners. This year, it took place on Saturday 27th June and attracted 8,000 people. Mantle were involved in helping local children to create artistic features for the Parade, which travels through the village before arriving on the festival grounds at Measham Leisure Centre.

Miners Gala Parade

Miners Gala Parade 24th August 2009

Mantle Arts will be working in partnership with local schools this Autumn, to create visual arts features for Coalville's very own Miners Gala Parade. Taking place on Saturday 12th September, this parade is being run by Snibston Discovery Museum as part of their Miners Gala. The Gala will run from 10am-5pm and the Parade will begin at 10.30am, starting from Memorial Square.

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