Wolves & Apples 2021

Our programme of courses, workshops, talks and events for writers of fiction for children and young adults took place in 2021. Here are the details of what went on.

Wolves & Apples Online Conference.

The online Wolves & Apples conference took place in autumn 2021, with talks and advice for aspiring children’s writers from guests such as Bali RaI, Melvin Burgess and Elle McNicoll.

MIchael Rosen offered a talk on November 2nd giving aspiring children’s poets and authors a chance to benefit from his huge experience, and pick his brain for answers to their burning questions.

Each talk could be booked individually and we kept the session prices low to make it accessible for everyone. There was also a festival pass which gave a place at every talk.

Wolves & Apples timetable page with details of talks and guest speakers.

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In September Jenny Alexander’s fantastic course started its second run, aimed at anyone starting to write a children’s novel. It sold out and ran until October.

Tutor picture

Map and Compass

Plotting compelling fiction for children and young people.
Tutor: Jenny Alexander
September-October 2021

Course outline and details.

As well as the first version of Jenny’s course, at the end of May this year we had a talk for anyone interested in submitting their writing to a literary agent:

The Role of An Agent and How to Hook One.

A talk from literary agent Felicity Trew of the Caroline Sheldon Agency.
May 25th 2021.

Talk Details