Oral History Tapes and Badge Machine Hire


To order any of the following items:
Call 01530 830811
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Please allow up to 10 days for delivery.

Badge Making Machine

The badge machine is available for groups in and around North West Leicestershire to hire, it costs £20 per day including 25 badge kits. Additional badge kits available for £7.00 per pack of 25. Complete bags returned unused will not be charged for. You will need to collect the machine from our office in Coalville, Leicestershire and return it after use.
Contact Mantle for further details.

Cassette Tapes

Oral History Training Pack: £6
Consists of pamphlet and cassette explaining the basics of Oral History interviewing and its various uses.

Oral History Cassettes: £3.50 each plus postage and packaging

A wide range of reminiscence cassettes covering aspects of life in Leicestershire throughout the twentieth century. Titles currently available are as follows:

Mantle Community Arts Oral History Cassettes

001 MOLLY – Life in a Lincoln orphanage and as laundry maid at Coleorton Hall, Leicestershire.

002 HAROLD HAWKE – Work on the land and in a blacksmith’s shop in Cornwall. Life during the depression and in H.M. Forces during World War Two.

003 WINFIELD – Childhood in Whitwick, Leicestershire. A varied working life.

004 H.BLAKE – Childhood in Copt Oak, Leicestershire. Work as a forester on the Beaumanor Estate and as a miner.

005 ERIC HUNT BEM – Childhood in Bardon Road, Coalville. Work as a bus driver and being a representative of NACOD.

006 ONE WOMAN’S WAR – The Second World War in Thringstone, Leicestershre. ARP, rationing, evacuees, bombing, the black market, etc.

007 MINING MEMORIES – Home life and work of miners during the first forty years of the twentieth century.

008 IBSTOCK EVACUEES – Evacuees and their hosts remember the war years in Ibstock, Leicestershire.

009 KENDRICK – Childhood in Coalville, setting up home in Ravenstone, membership of the ROAB and Coalville’s early years.

010 HUGGLESCOTE SCHOOL DAYS – School and play in Hugglescote, Leicestershire from 1905 – 1940.

011 SAWBRIDGE – Work as a stonemason, forming a company, moving to Ellistown, Leicestershire and contract work for Co-op funeral service.

012 LIFE AT BARDON – Memories of life above and below the stairs of Bardon Hill House, Leicestershire

013 COALVILLE CINEMA – The owner, projectionist, usherette and a cinema-goer remember Coalville’s cinemas.

015 PHYLISS – Work as a nurse in London, marrying a patient (a gamekeeper) who settled in Leicestershire.

016 COX – Childhood in Hugglescote, Leicestershire. Poverty in the 1920s. How stone was extracted from Bardon Quarry.

024 A SLICE OF LIFE – The humorous poems of Joyce Collins about everyday life.

Leicester Oral History Archive Cassettes

C1 MINING MEMORIES – Miners at Desford Colliery from 1943. Conditions, etc.

C2 CINEMA – Early days of local cinema.

C3 WW2 EVACUEE – Evacuee in Leicestershire. 1940. Social life and the impact of GIs.

C4 LEICESTER MARKET – Market traders in the 1930s. Stall hire and amusing tales.

C5 THE WEST END – West end of Leicester before 1914. The adult school movement.

C6 CANALS – Canal folk recall their working lives.

C7 MAIDS AND MISTRESSES – Life in domestic service in the 1920s and 1930s.

C8 NEW ROAD – Local community life. Christmas on the dole.

C9 MIDWIFE – A midwife and SRN working in the slums. The extent of TB.

C10 LEICESTER’S SLUMS – Memories of Gravel Street and life in the slums.

C11 MUSIC HALL – Leicester’s Music Hall and early performers. Local cinema.

C12 ENTERTAINMENT – Entertainment in Leicester in the early part of the twentieth century.

C13 BELGRAVE – Living in Belgrave, Leicester before the Second World War.

C14 THE GREAT WARS – Local people recall the First World War.

C15 HOLIDAYS – Making the most of time off.

C16 NO FIXED ABODE – A Leicester vagrant talks about alcoholism and homelessness.

C17 HOUSING THE PEOPLE – Housing conditions in Leicester before 1939.

C18 EDWARDIAN LEICESTER – Aspects of daily life in the early twentieth century.

C19 WOMEN’S LIVES – The lifestyles of women since 1918.

C20 PUBLIC HEALTH – Health care in Leicester before the NHS.

C21 LIFE ON THE TRAMS – From horse drawn trams to the advent of buses.

C22 CHRISTMAS PAST – Christmas celebrations before 1939.

C23 HIGHFIELDS – Children’s games and local shops in Highfields, Leicester.

C24 FASCISM – The Blackshirt movement and Moseley’s visit to Leicester.

C25 WORLD WAR TWO – The bombing of Leicester and other aspects of war.

C26 AYLESTONE – Memories of old Aylestone, Leicester.

C27 UNEMPLOYMENT – The hardship of being out of work.

C28 EMPLOYMENT – Leicester people recall their working lives.

C29 WOMEN IN INDUSTRY – Women at work. Munitions etc.

C30 THE THREE Rs – School day memories, discipline, curriculum, etc.

C31 HOME REMEDIES – Cures for everything from cuts to amputations.

C32 TRAVEL AGENT – Working in the travel business from 1929 onwards.

C33 LIFE OF A NUN – Three nuns talk about their work and the role of convents.

C34 SWITHLAND, QUORN AND ANSTEY – Village life, 1900 – 1945.

C35 THE WOMEN’S LAND ARMY – Women working on the land in two world wars.

C36 FARMING LIFE – Life and work on Leicestershire farms.

C37 THEATRE – The Little Theatre and The Theatre Royal.

C38 LEICESTER SHOPS – Central Leicester shops between the wars.

C39 THE CO-OPERATIVE MOVEMENT – The role and development of the Co-op in Leicestershire.

C40 COFFEE AND CAFE – Coffee houses and cafes in Leicester from 1900 – 1945.

C41 FIGHTING TALK – The Leicester boxing scene before the Second World War.

C42 BOYS’ HOMES – Life in the various boys’ homes 1920s – 1940s.

C43 CRIMES AND PUNISHMENT – Crime and law enforcement up to the 1950s.

C44 ALL FOR THE FUN OF THE FAIR – Local fairs recalled by showmen and punters.

C45 UP FOR THE CUP! – Leicester City players remember the FA cup run of 1949.

C46 COURTING DAYS – The problems of growing up and courting.

C47 SOAR VALLEY LABOURS – Work in the cement works, the shoe factory and on the farm.

C48 LIFE ON THE RAILWAYS – Railway men recall their work and the days of steam.

C49 COUNTESTHORPE COTTAGE HOMES – Ex-Countesthorpe children remember their days in children’s homes.