Debbie Moon on how she got the idea for Wolfblood

Writer Debbie Moon will be talking about ‘Wolfblood’ and writing for television at this year’s Wolves & Apples event, on 3 October. Debbie began her career as a director and first became interested in writing while adapting works for the stage. Her original series for CBBC, ‘Wolfblood’, won the RTS Children’s Drama Award 2012 and the second series was nominated for a total of 6 Children’s BAFTAs, an RTS award and a Televisual Bulldog award. Previous children’s credits include two episodes of ‘The Sparticle Mystery’ for CBBC. Her first novel, ‘Falling’, was long-listed for Welsh Book Of The Year, and she’s currently writing a children’s novel. She has also written a radio play, comics, and short stories. Book here Wolves & Apples

‘Wolfblood’ was inspired by a shelf of second-hand books. Which just goes to prove that writers can get inspiration from pretty much anything. I was standing in a charity shop, browsing the books, when my brain somehow read half of one title and half of the one next to it, producing a new title – Wolfblood. “Interesting,” I thought. “What’s a Wolfblood?” And thirty seconds later, I was dashing out of the shop to buy a notebook and pen and start scribbling…

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