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Birmingham Literary Festival

Mantle Lane Press is running an event at the Birmingham Literary Festival.
Birmingham Repertory Theatre, The Door. Saturday 28th April. 12:30-1:30.

More information and booking details on the festival site here.

The event will be a launch of three new books: Always Another Twist by Sarah Leavesley, The Music Maker by Liz Kershaw, and our anthology of weird sea stories It Came from Beneath the Waves. It will also celebrate our previous publications including the anthology Mrs Rochester’s Attic.

There will be readings from:
Jennifer McClean
Liz Kershaw
Nick Fogg
Sarah Leavesley
Sue Barsby
Tim Franks
Valentine Williams



Always Another Twist

Our latest small book, Sarah Leavesley’s novella, Always Another Twist, will be available from 30th April 2018.

Listen to Sarah reading from the book here:


Always Another Twist is a companion story to Kaleidoscope, also published by Mantle Lane Press. It tells the story of Julie, sister of Claire from the earlier book, and her problems with work and her own pregnancy. How can she tell Claire, who is receiving psychiatric treatment after her own loss and heartbreak?


The Village People

Rob Gee spent several weeks wandering around Moira and Donnington, Leicestershire, accosting unsuspecting residents in order to gather impressions, memories and anecdotes about the place they call home. He spent time with community groups and visited local places of interest as well as simply hanging around the village. People’s comments were recorded and, from a cross section of these responses, Rob created a selection of poetry and prose. Photographer Linda Young, inspired by Rob’s text and her own conversations with locals, took pictures. The books, My Daughter is a Donnington Goth and Pig on the Wall will soon be available from Mantle Lane Press

Geoff at the Ashby Canal Trust:
The Perils of Success
“Well I reckon that if the furnace at Moira had been any kind of success, we’d have some very significant problems now. Think about it: As a furnace, i.e. one the thing it was supposed to be, Moira Furnace was a massive failure, basically because it’s the wrong kind of coal round Read more here